Types of Auditions

Musical Theater
School of Worship

Ballet Auditions

Placement Auditions are required for ballet classes for any new students to TAFA. Current Ballet students are placed by their teachers and do NOT require an audition.

*Current TAFA students who have experienced a schedule change and discontinued ballet at TAFA must also audition for placement.

If you are interested in taking a ballet class next year, 2018/2019, please contact Melinda Russell at melinda.russell@tafa.org to schedule your placement audition.

Ballet I (5-6 yr. old), Ballet II (7-8), Ballet III (9-11), and Ballet IV (12-18) do not require an audition.
Simply sign up under the age your child will be in August, 2018.


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Band Auditions

If your child is interested in learning a band instrument - Flute, Oboe, Clarinet,  Saxophone, French Horn, Trumpet, Trombone, Baritone, Tuba, or Percussion they must contact lori.rooke@tafa.org to schedule an evaluation.

Any student wishing to play percussion is required to have a minimum of one year piano experience.


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Choir Auditions

Contact Mrs. Shannon at sarah.shannon@tafa.org

Types of Choirs

Resonant Jazz Ensemble

Praise and Worship Band Auditions

Vocal warmups

Vocal Warm-Ups on this page are for the 12-18 year old choirs


Coming soon!



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Musical Theater Auditions

Please Email ondrea.schenck@tafaclasses.com with the following information:

*First & Last Name
*Song Title
*Monologue Title
*Any Past Musical Experience
*Choir Classes taken at TAFA

LINK TO NARNIA TRACKS: (soundcloud) For current members of 2018/2019 MT III class

LINK TO Field of Flowers (soundcloud) - NOTES ONLY


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