Resonant Jazz Ensemble

Resonant Jazz Spring 2019 Study Files

(TTBB) The Longest Time by Billy Joel

The Longest Time ~ Accompaniment

The Longest Time ~ Falsetto Tenor

The Longest Time ~ Tenor 1

The Longest Time ~ Tenor 2

The Longest Time ~ Baritone

The Longest Time ~ Bass 2

(SATB) I Can’t Give You Anything But Love by Riley & Althouse

I Can’t Give You Anything~Accompaniment

I Can’t Give You Anything~Soprano

I Can’t Give You Anything~Alto

I Can’t Give You Anything~Tenor

I Can’t Give You Anything~Bass

(SATB) When God Dips His Love by David Maddux of “Voices of Lee”

When God Dips His Love ~ Demonstration

(SATB) My Romance by Jennifer Barnes

My Romance_Accompaniment

My Romance_Alto

My Romance_Bass

My Romance_Sop2

My Romance_Tenor