Combined Choirs

Spring 2019 Study Files

“Akekho Ofana No Jesu” by Daniel Jackson

*Full mixes start from the beginning.  When the choirs split, it stays in Choir 2.  If singing Choir 1, stop the rehearsal track at ms 49 and move to Choir 1 rehearsal Tracks.

Akekho ~ Bass (Choir 2-full)

Akekho ~ Tenor (Choir 2-full)

Akekho ~ Alto (Choir 2-full)

Akekho ~ Soprano (Choir 2-full)

Akekho ~ Bass (Choir 1-half)

Akekho ~ Tenor (Choir 1-half)

Akekho ~ Alto (Choir 1 – half)

Akekho ~ Soprano (Choir 1 – half)

Akekho ~ Accompaniment