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Combined Choirs

Fall 2019 Study Files

“Christmas Bells Are Ringing” by Mark Hayes

All secondary choirs (Vocal Tech, Chorale, Treble & Chamber) will be performing this amazing work in December with the TAFA Wind Ensemble and Ballet Ensemble.

“Christmas Oratorio” by Camille Saint-Seans

Secondary Choirs will be learning Chorus #3, Chorus #6 & Chorus #10 that are found on this page.  We will be performing the entire work with TAFA soloists, organ, harp and choirs Fri, December 6.


Chorus 3~SOPRANO
Chorus 3~ALTO
Chorus 3~Accomp
Chorus 3~TENOR
Chorus 3~BASS
Chorus 6~ACCOMP
Chorus 6~SOPRANO
Chorus 6~ALTO
Chorus 6~TENOR
Chorus 6~BASS
Chorus 10~ACCOMP
Chorus 10~SOPRANO
Chorus 10~ALTO
Chorus 10~TENOR
Chorus 10~BASS
Christmas Bells Are Ringing~ALTO 1
Christmas Bells Are Ringing~BASS 2
Christmas Bells are Ringing~SOPRANO 2
Christmas Bells are Ringing~TENOR 2
Christmas Bells Are Ringing~ALTO 2