Can I mail in my registration form?
Yes! Registration forms can be mailed in after the first day of New Student Registration for classes that are still available.  If a class fills before your form is received, we'll put you on the waiting list.

Is there a waiting list for classes that are filled?
Yes. In general, we fill the majority of spots on the waiting list and will call you immediately if someone has to drop a class.

How do I know if a spot is still available in a class?
Check the Class Load sheet once registration begins to see how many spots are remaining in each class. You can always call us to get an update on the number of spots remaining.

Is there any refund if I drop a class?
See the Course Catalog for Drop Fee Schedule.

Do you accept credit cards for class tuition?

Can my child move to the next age group if he turns the age after classes begin?
A child must be the 
age requirement of the class on the first day of class. Any special permission must come from the teacher, but this is rare.