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Fall 2020 New Student Registration - May 4 @ 9am

TAFA New Family Preview Days

You may come at any option below and you do not need to sign up in advance. We will tour you around the facility and have a Q&A time.
Most ages 12-18 classes take place on Tuesday and age 5-11 classes on Monday.

Option 1 - Monday, April 27 @ 10:30am

Option 2 - Monday, April 27 @ 1:00pm

Option 3 - Tuesday, April 28 @ 10:30am

Option 4 - Tuesday, April 28 @ 1:00pm

How to Register

  1. Download our catalog.
  2. Download the schedule.
  3. Check Class Load (Spring 2020 available classes) for number of spots remaining in each class.
  4. Contact teachers for auditions needed prior to registering.
  5. Read our Student Handbook. Families should be familiar with our handbook before registering.
  6. Fill out the registration form online, print, and bring to TAFA on registration day. If you're registering after registration day, you can bring it in during office hours, mail or email it in.
  7. A 12.5% deposit (25% of the semester) for the year is required at time of enrollment.



Ballet Auditions

Placement Auditions are required for ballet classes for any new students to TAFA. Current Ballet students are placed by their teachers and do not require an audition.

Current TAFA students who have experienced a schedule change and discontinued ballet at TAFA must also audition for placement.

If you are interested in taking a ballet class next year, please contact Melinda Russell at to schedule your placement audition.

Ballet I (5-6 yr. old), Ballet II (7-8), & Ballet III (9-11), do not require an audition. Simply sign up under the age your child will be in August, 2019!


Band Auditions

If your child is interested in learning a band instrument - Flute, Oboe, Clarinet,  Saxophone, French Horn, Trumpet, Trombone, Baritone, Tuba, or Percussion they must contact to schedule an evaluation.

Any student wishing to play percussion is required to have a minimum of one year piano experience.


Choir Auditions

At TAFA, we want to give students of all abilities confidence in using their voice. We believe that EVERYONE can sing and especially love to give students the tools to overcome the typical voice cracks, sudden pitch drop, air-spewing tone and insecurities that are so common in pre-teen & teenage voices. We have different levels to train students of varying ages & abilities and are sure to challenge the amazing songbird who would prefer to create their own part as well. Please check the TAFA Catalogue for Class Descriptions. Please click on the links below to learn more.

Course Descriptions

Audition Preparation

Audition Slot Sign Up:

*LEVEL OF CHALLENGE- 1=Beginning  2=Intermediate  3=Advanced  4=Most Advanced

Click on appropriate link to schedule your audition:

CON SPIRITO *2 (10-13)

CHORALE *1/TREBLE *2/ CHAMBER *3 (13-18)

RESONANT JAZZ *4 (14-18)



Musical Theater Auditions

Please Email with the following information:

  • First & Last Name
  • Email
  • Song Title
  • Monologue Title
  • Any Past Musical Experience
  • Choir Classes taken at TAFA

School of Worship~Fall 2020 Auditions, Contact to schedule an audition.

The School of Worship is designed for students who have a desire to be involved in worship ministry. The School of Worship courses will prepare students for musicianship, leadership, and spiritual awareness that is necessary for effective worship ministry.  Students desiring to be worship leaders, vocalists, band members, or volunteers at church, will receive the best training available at this stage in life. We currently offer three Worship Bands at various levels and a Worship Leadership Class.

Learn more!

Audition Slot Sign-Up

Course Descriptions

Audition Procedures