2021 - TAFA relocates in the Fall of 2021 to a new campus at Lake Arlington Church to continue its future growth.

2015 - Our enrollment has reached new highs! We've got over 950 students enrolled in 118 classes and additional private instruction.

2014 - Our nonprofit receives 501(c)(3) status dating back to June 2012.

2013 - Riverside Baptist Church generously donates an 85,000 sq ft facility!

2012 - TAFA incorporates and becomes independent entity

2012 - We've got 53 students graduating! TAFA graduation has 53 students participating

2009 -We've got over 600 students enrolled in 70 classes and additional private instruction.

2006 - We host our first graduation ceremony with 12 graduating students!

2003 - We've got over 300 students enrolled in 40 classes and additional private instruction.

1999 - TAFA's inaugural enrollment begins! We've got 100 students enrolled in classes and private instruction.

1999 - Travis Academy of Fine Arts (TAFA), becomes the official name of the Academy.

1998 - The academy was founded with a small private violin studio under the umbrella of Travis Avenue Baptist Church.