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2019 Middle School Honor Choir

Tafta Hindi- FULL MIX
Tafta Hindi-PIANO MIX
Tafta Hindi-ALTO MIX
Shoshone Love Song-FULL MIX
Shoshone Love Song-SOPRANO MIX
Shoshone Love Song-ALTO MIX
Music Lead the Way-FULL MIX
Music Lead The Way-PIANO MIX
Music Lead the Way-SOPRANO MIX
Music Lead the Way-ALTO MIX
Drying Their Wings-FULL MIX
Drying Their Wings-PIANO MIX
Drying Their Wings-SOPRANO MIX
Drying Their Wings-ALTO MIX
Let Us Sing Jubilate Deo ~ PIANO MIX
Let Us Sing Jubilate Deo ~ SOPRANO MIX
Let Us Sing Jubilate Deo ~ ALTO MIX
Psallite ~ FULL MIX
Psallite ~ PIANO MIX
Psallite ~ SOPRANO MIX
Psallite ~ ALTO MIX